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PAV Serie - Smart Variable-switchin Regulated DC Power Supply


Kikusui - PAV Serie
Kikusui - PAV Serie

Kikusui PWR Datasheet PDF Datasheet


The PAV series is a compact, high power density, high performance constant voltage (CV) / constant current (CC) variable switching power supply. The PAV consists of 64 models total*1 with 4 types of maximum power outputs at 200 W, 400 W, 600 W and 800 W and output voltages from 10 V through 650 V. All models are standardized to a same size with 2U high (approximately 88 mm) and have high power density for bench-top use. The PAV series allows sequence settings with an embedded CPU as well as analog control.

Parallel operation (up to 6 units)*2 and synchronized operation features are employed to allow extended output current. The PAV series is equipped standard with USB, RS232C and RS485 as communication interfaces which are essential for system upgrades. LAN*3 interface is also available as an option. A harmonic current control circuit is embedded with a power factor of 0.99 to take power environment into account.

*1 LAN model included (with LAN) 
*2 The PAV series with the same rating
*3 factory option



  • Ultra-compact high power
    • 19 inch rack-mount (max 6 units) 200 W / 400 W / 600 W / 800 W models available.
  • Standard Communication Interface
    • LAN*, USB, RS232C, and RS485 as standard communication interfaces. *LAN is a factory option
  • Multi-output system configuration
    • A variable power supply system of up to 31 channels can be configured using the built-in LAN / USB / RS232 / RS485 ports.
  • Parallel operation
    • Parallel operation is possible using several PAV series power supplies with the same voltage and current ratings (up to six using master-slave parallel connection with output current balance function).


PWX Serie - ultrakompakte, extrem leistungsfähige DC Netzgeräte von Kikusui


750W, 1.500W bis 6kW im Parallelbetrieb
30V oder 80V, 160V im Seriellbetrieb
bis 150A, 600A im Parallelbetrieb

Kikusui PWX Series
Kikusui PWX Serie

Kikusui PWR Datasheet PDF Datasheet


  • Laboranwendungen mit stark unterschiedlichen Stom- und Spannungs- Anforderungen
  • Bleeder Circuit
  • sehr hohe Leistungen bei sehr geringem Platzbedarf




  • Vollast- Dauerbetrieb bei 50 Grad Umgebungstemperatur
  • sehr breiter Spannungs- und Strombereich
  • Überspannungs und -Strom Schutz
  • Remote-Sensing und Monitoring
  • serieller und paralleler Betrieb
  • 750W Modell nur 5kg
  • 1U 19" Format für Rackeinbau


  • LAN (LXI kompatibel), RS232C, USB


  • SCPI kompatibles CLI (Command Line Interface)


  • Rackmount Kit
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