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CaLan 3010H+ - Sweep System for DOCSIS 3.1

VeEX - CaLan 3010H+

The CaLan 3010H+ Sweep System is designed for prequalification, installation, and maintenance of DOCSIS 3.1 networks. The unit consists of a high performance, 1.8 GHz Transmitter and a low noise, 204 MHz Receiver, capable of sweeping the entire Forward and Return path respectively.

Key Features

  • High resolution true non-interfering 1.8 GHz downstream sweep system with Manual and Automatic Gain & Slope Offsets
  • 1U 19 inch Rackmount form factor, saving critical rack space in the Headend
  • Fast and accurate Sweep for network maintenance
  • Channel and Spectrum Scans modes
  • Full integration with VeSion system, supporting centralized control for sweep profiles and data collection, making it ideal for unmanned Headends
  • Compatible with CX380s series and CM series field test sets
  • Works with the AT3000 RF Switch Multiplexer
  • Combined with Sweepless Sweep for a complete Forward Path Sweep, up to 1.8 GHz
  • Return Path Sweep up to 204 MHz

VeEX AT2500-3G
CaLan 3010H+

PDF Datasheet PDF Datasheet


  • DigiSweep Fast Sweep technology helps maintenance technicians perform their task faster and easier then other solutions
  • Non-Interfering Downstream Sweep for Analog and Digital Channels
  • Dual Path mode eliminates the need for a separate Forward Sweep and Return Sweep instruments
  • Higher resolution sweep identifies problems other sweep systems miss
  • Automatic recovery following power outages






This rack mount headend system completes the requirement of DOCSIS 3.0 deployment where higher QAM on the return path becomes necessary and mandatory. The compact 1U rack mount chassis supports simultaneous and continuous ingress scanning of all 10 ports at a fast sweep rate of 200ms and dual ports are available for return path spectrum, QAM, MER, BER, and Constellation analysis. The unique system architecture is an affordable entry solution which can be scaled easily for future network expansions. The system is completed by a controller software package offering 3D graphics for detailed analysis of ingress, alarm detection/generation and trouble ticket management. A server option coupled to the system is capable of storing 30 days of ingress monitoring data for reference.



PDF Datasheet Brief brochure






PDF Datasheet Brief brochure

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The CX180F is a rack mount monitoring system to check the performance of analog and digital channels being transmitted downstream or towards customers across a CATV HFC network. Equipped with three test ports, key signal parameters including level, BER, MER, and Constellation are scanned continuously and non-intrusively. Advanced spectrum analysis across the entire operating frequency band, detects ingress which can lead to signal impairment and/or failure. The ReVeal CX180F controller/server package which forms an integral part of the system, continuously checks for signal values that exceed user defined thresholds. Out of tolerance parameters trigger alarms which inform and alert the headend operator of problematic links and service.

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