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EMC Scanner


Detectus RS321 EMC Scanner


With this product we make it possible to see high frequency electromagnetic fields. The development of the scanner was driven by the fact that we in the recent decade have seen very rigorous directives coming up for the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance of electronic products, as laid down by e.g. VCCI, ANSI, CISPR, FCC and VDE. Although these regulations are focusing on the EMC behaviour of systems and complete products, normally single components turn out to be the root cause of a badly performing system. Therefore, a tool that can pinpoint an excessively radiant component was needed in order to effectively re-design too noisy developments. The EMC Scanners from Detectus are the answer on this challenge.

EMC- and Heat Scanner Software Tutorial...


Detectus RQ321 EMC Scanner
Detectus RS321

 Detectus RS321 PDFPDF Datasheet



Detectus RS642 EMC Scanner


Detectus RQ642 EMC Scanner
Detectus RS642

Detectus RS642 PDF
PDF Datasheet

  The EMC scanner measures the emission from components, cables, PCB's and products. The system consists of an X-Y-Z robot, a spectrum analyzer with near field probes, a GPIB card for communicating with the spectrum analyzer and a personal computer with a software. During measurement the near field probe is moved by the robot to a grid of measuring points above the test object. At each mesuring point the location of the probe and the value of the emission intensity is stored in the computer. After the measurment the results can be documented in different types of reports.


Detectus Heat Scanner (Option for RS Scanner)


The system's 16 bits digital resolution, the software's optimization method as well as the possibility to adjust offset and emission factors result in high-resolution measurements. The system gives you the possibility to localize small heat sources such as surface-mounted components.




Detectus High Resolution Scanner


Detectus High Resolution Scanner Scanner
Detectus HR Scanner

Detectus HR Scanner PDF PDF Datasheet

  • High resolution EMC-Scanning
  • Import STL-format 3D surface
  • Scanning at a fixed distance
    from the surface.
  • Import 3D surface models
  • Find small sources
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