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CPAT Flex - Awarded intelligent Leckage Management


DRV3 received 4.5 Diamond Rating:

CPAT DRV3 digital leakage receiver (patent pending) received a 4.5 Diamond rating from the Broadband Technology Report Review Panel during the 2013 Diamond Technology Reviews.

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DSG1 Lite & DRV3 Lite


The DRV3 Lite is a portable dual-band signal leakage detection meter designed to operate as a find-and-fix meter for all digital and hybrid cable networks. The DRV3 Lite is your all-digital leakage portable find-and-fix meter. It can operate in “system modeˮ, detecting leakage carriers produced from the DSG1 signal generator located at the head-end location or operate in “pressure testˮ mode, detecting high-level carriers generated by the DSG1 Lite. Using a single-button, the technician can switch from “systemˮ to “pressureˮ test mode. Using a Bluetooth connection, the DRV3 Lite can also connect to third-party devices such as cellular phones, tablets, etc.

effigis DSG1 Lite
DSG1 Lite


effigis DRV3 Lite
DRV3 Lite

The DSG1 Lite portable dual-band signal generator inserts a high-level signal in order to perform a “pressure test” from the customer feed.



DRV3 - The perfect find and fix solution


The DRV3 is a portable signal leakage detection meter designed to operate in all-digital cable networks. It operates as a portable find-and-fix meter and as a monitoring probe when part of the CPAT FLEX system.

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Scalable solution

The DRV3 can be used in every vehicle as a find-and-fix leakage repair meter or as a leakage monitoring receiver when connected to the ARD4 recording device, for immediate repair intervention.

Using the ARD4/DRV3 package as a leakage monitoring/repair system gives you a flexible and cost-effective solution for your cable leakage control program of your all-digital networks.



DRV2 - Portable leakage detection device


The DRV2 is a signal leakage detection meter designed as a portable find-and-fix solution and as a monitor - ing receiver when part of the CPAT FLEX system.

The DRV2 is a frequency agile meter offering full flexibility when choosing your leakage monitoring frequency. Select any frequency in 1 kHz tuning increments and store it as one of your 10 favorite frequency presets. You can adjust the meter’s operating frequency by using front panel buttons or through our DRV2 configuration software. With its frequency agile feature, the DRV2 meter will provide you with all the flexibility you need when operating in systems using different signal leakage monitoring frequencies or whenever you plan to re-assign them.


effigis DVR2
effigis DVR2

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CPAT FLEX Components


Leakage Monitoring:
The CPAT FLEX solution is the most advanced GPS-based signal leakage monitoring system on the market. It has been designed to automatically detect, record and dispatch signal leakage events without any intervention from your field technicians. Just install the CPAT units onboard your service vehicles and let them do the job.

Ingress Monitoring:
The only GPS-based ingress monitoring system on the market, CPAT FLEX automatically detects, records and dispatches ingress events. It features a tight integration of advanced hardware, innovative software and a powerful web application. As a result, your service vehicles detect ingress impairments without interrupting your technician's daily work routine.

Web-based server application:
Through our web-based server application, the CPAT system provides a total picture of the operator's HFC network RF integrity. The ability to proactively locate, dispatch and repair leakage and ingress events reduces your trouble tickets and truck rolls. The end result will be increased network reliability and greater customer satisfaction.


Automated vehicle location (AVL):
CPAT FLEX allows you to easily and efficiently manage your vehicle fleet. It includes a GPS-based vehicle tracking and management solution that will improve the efficiency of your mobile workforce. Our solution delivers real-time fleet operation information to your dispatch team, facilitating their decisions regarding mobile resources allocation and management.

The CPAT FLEX AVL system can operate with 3rd party workforce applications and allows you to:

  • track the real-time position of your fleet's vehicles;
  • locate the nearest vehicle to a job location;
  • check vehicle status (driving, idling, stopped);
  • generate alerts for speeding, out-of-bound driving, off-hours driving;
  • view vehicle drive-out history (driven routes, speed information, incidents, etc.).


ARD4 - Control module


The ARD4 is the central control module of the CPAT FLEX platform. Installed in the operator’s service/maintenance vehicle, it is a powerful mobile wireless communication hub that records and transmits events (leakage, ingress, position, etc.). The ARD4 wireless options and communication ports provide all the flexibility required to configure your mobile communication setup.



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effigis - ARD4


DRV1 - Leakage detection module

The DRV1 detects, measures and positions leaks while the vehicle is being driven without requiring any intervention from the technician. The information captured supplies the ARD4 control module and is then transmitted to the Web application. The DRV1 is typically installed in the operator’s service/maintenance vehicle for increased coverage efficiency.  

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ITX1 - Ingress transmission module

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The ITX1 is the mobile component of the CPAT FLEX ingress monitoring system. While the vehicle is being driven, and without requiring any intervention from the technician, the ITX1 transmits a special return path test signal. If the vehicle is located in an ingress-prone area, the signal enters the network and is then transmitted to the headend, along with precise information about the ingress location. The ITX1 is typically installed in the operator’s service/maintenance vehicle for increased coverage efficiency.

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IRX1 - Ingress receiver module


The IRX1 is the fixed component of the CPAT FLEX ingress monitoring system. Installed at the headend/hub location, the IRX1 detects the return path test signals transmitted by the ITX1. By analysing these signals, the IRX1 identifies and precisely locates ingress problems on the network. The IRX1 then sends all relevant information to the CPAT Web application, using TCP/IP communication.



effigis - IRX1

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CPAT Webserver Anwendung v.4


The CPAT application includes a web-based geoinformation system (Web GIS) so AVL, leakage and ingress events can be located and mapped. Data events can be dispatched to technicians for repair by using the integrated ticketing application, or dispatched to your work force management system or trouble ticketing application via a custom


interface developed to your specifications. Work order statuses are managed in real time in the CPAT database. Powerful and user-friendly, the web application uses Microsoft’s Bing maps and allows real-time processing of events.

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