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Fault Finder and Fiber Identifiers

ShinewayTech: OFI-20A l OFI-50A 
Kingfisher: KI 6350 / 250MD / ET l KI 6150 l Cold Clamp 


ShinewayTech OFI-20A Optical Fiber Identifier


OFI-20A can detect optical signal presence, type and direction anywhere on fibers during optical network deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting. With non-destructive macro-bend detection technology, it introduces no damage to tested fiber or interference to the service on fiber. OFI-20A is able to identify wide-spectrum signals (such as signals in CATV system) and can be used in SONET/SDH & DWDM systems tests.


  • Fiber types: 250µm, 900µm, 2mm/3mm jacketed fiber
  • Non-destructive detection

ShinewayTech OFI-20A
ShinewayTech OFI-20A

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

  • Indication of signal presence, strength and direction
  • CW/MOD tones detection
  • Buzzer indication
  • Handheld & sturdy
  • CE, FCC certificates


ShinewayTech OFI-50A Series Optical Fiber Identifier


ShinewayTech OFI-50A
ShinewayTech OFI-50A

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

OFI–50A uses optical fiber sensing principle to confirm the target fiber; It can quickly identify deep buried, overhead and pipe fiber cable without any destroy, and provide a simple method for maintenance personnel. Users only need gently knock on cable, when knocking to the target cable, OFI-50 can clearly hear the knock from earphone, which can accurately identify the target cable. OFI–50A is real one-key type test; handheld design, easy to carry, 3.5' color screen real-time waveform; the software of the intelligent struck the judgment of the two operation / display mode, combined with the Headset real-time audio, with 3 kinds of recognition percussion method, so as to quickly and accurately identify the measured cable. OFI-50A is a kind of ideal tool for optical fiber

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  • Easy to use, reliable
  • Fast identification of deep buried, overhead and pipe fiber cable
  • Built-in intelligent mode, knock in the measured cable screen showed positive and negative Pyramid strength; output the notification sound
  • Rapid and accurate identification
  • Click the targeted or wanted cable, OFI-50A can response with sound and light reaction
  • According to the Headset feedback information, the operator can intuitive judgment percussion cable
  • According to the waveform real-time cable, knock in the measured cable real-time waveform will have obvious wave, visual disturbance
  • VFL function is available
  • Non destructive optical cable


Kingfisher Fault Locator / Lichtstifte


Visual fault locators are used during installation and repair to find faults, check continuity, verify a signal path and identify a fiber. Tests all single mode, multimode and plastic fibers.

Kingfisher KI 6350
Kingfisher KI 6350

Model λ Emission Connector Custom Logo
KI 6351 635nm Pulsed 2.5 mm No
KI 6352 635nm Pulsed 1.25 mm No
250MD 635nm Pulsed,
Continous CW
2.5 mm Yes
ET 655nm Pulsed,
Continous CW
2.5 mm Yes

Kingfisher Fault Locator 1,25mm Adapter
Kingfisher Fault Locator 1,25mm Adapter


Kingfisher Fault Locator 250MD
Kingfisher Fault Locator 250MD

  • Very simple to use
  • Durable IP67 rated waterproof and drop resistant construction
  • Class 2 laser device with 0.6 mW or -2.2 dBm typical power output
  • Suitable for daily use
  • applicable under industrial conditions as well as in laboratories
  • Singlemode/Multimode
  • Patching

Kingfisher Fault Locator ET
Kingfisher Fault Locator ET


KI 6351 PDF Datasheet
Fault Locator 250MD Datasheet
Fault Locator ET Datasheet
Fault Locator 1,25mm Adapter Datasheet



Kingfisher KI 6150 Fiber Identifier


A clip on fiber identifier used to identify traffic, or a test tone generated by a source, or as a route tracer.

  • Easy to use with one hand, no menu!
  • Thumb lock for consistency & hands free operation
  • Displays traffic direction with audible warning
  • Approximate fiber power display
  • Supplied with 4 heads for ribbon / 250 μ coated fiber, 900 μ fiber, 2 mm & 3 mm patch lead
  • Inexpensive model for Metro / LAN / FTTx applications
  • High performance model for long distance applications
  • Uses popular 9 volt battery. Auto turn on / off
  • Durable metal housing and quality construction
  •  Also available in convenient Test Kits.

Kingfisher Fault Finder and Fiber Identifier KI 6150
Kingfisher KI 6150

PDF Datasheet



Kingfisher Precision Event Locator Cold Clamp


Kingfisher Fault Finder and Fiber Identifiers Precision Event Locator Cold Clamp
Kingfisher Cold Clamp

PDF Datasheet

Overcomes the limitations of any mini OTDR or Optical Time Domain Reflectometer when used to accurately find an event.

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  • Locate the exact physical position of a hidden underground cable fault or break, within less than 1 meter, and over long distance!
  • Reduces network hazard and days of labour as exploratory trenching is eliminated
  • Minimises community disruption and excavation damage
  • Finds faults and breaks in fibre cables where there is no visible evidence
  • Minimises service disruption, since it can be used on a live system
  • Field Proven. Telcordia (Bellcore) report available email
  • Unique patented optical cable fault locators
  • Use your existing training & any low specification OTDR
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