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Loops Record Verification & DSL Bulk Qualification: DaVaR l Electrical NetDSL 
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Fluke Networks DaVaR System


Das DaVaR-Programm macht sich sofort und langfristig bezahlt.

Fluke Networks DaVaR System
Fluke Networks DaVaR System

Fluke Networks PDF Datasheet PDF Datasheet


DaVaR ist mehr als ein Produkt: Es handelt sich dabei um ein Verfahren zum Sammeln von Informationen über Ihre Anlagen und zur Datenbankaktualisierung des Supportsystems, damit die Informationen präzise bleiben. Das DaVaR-Programm macht sich sofort und langfristig bezahlt.

  • Millionenbeträge an Betriebskosten für externe Anlagen einsparen
  • Einnahmenpotential aus Dienstleistungen steigern
  • Sofortige Rendite aus den Investitionen
  • DSL-Bereitstellung, Aufwertung externer Anlagen oder Verbesserung der externen Anlagen insgesamt
  • Geringere Betriebsausgaben und höheres Einnahmenpotential
  • Flexible, schlüsselfertige Lösungen


Fluke Networks Smart-Pro®


T Smart-Pro is a CO-based unit for ANI and voice frequency transmission testing. It uses 10-digit ANI, so it is compatible with number portability. And, Smart-Pro identifies numbers through Caller ID, so dedicated CAMA or TSPS trunk circuits aren't needed.

In addition, Smart-Pro can be used for transmission testing. It can generate milliwatt, 3-tone or 10-tone sweeps, as well as a quiet termination.

No special equipment is required. Smart-Pro is compatible with general purpose test or dial sets. Two channels support simultaneous operation by two different technicians. Up to four languages are supported.


  • Performs dual-channel telephone number identification

Fluke Networks Smart-Pro®
Fluke Networks Smart-Pro®

  • Supports 10-digit Automatic Number Identification (ANI) for local portability and 16-digit number assignment
  • Generates milliwatt, 3-tone and 10-tone sweeps and quiet termination
  • Can be accessed through standard test sets
  • NEBS compliant




Fluke Networks COMPAS


Fluke Networks COMPAS
Fluke Networks COMPAS

Fluke Networks' COMPAS is a web based inventory, provisioning, and management system for Central Office elements associated with the main distribution frame. COMPAS also provisions non-inventoried

  special equipment when appropriate. An intuitive web interface provides real time Central Office queries and facility management. COMPAS is LFACS ready and supports next generation networks.


  • Web based inquiry and update of all elements
  • Automated or manual provisioning of all elements
  • Record correction of all elements
  • Trouble administration
  • Automated work and service order processing
  • Legacy systems integration


Fluke Networks Pair Availability Analysis (PAA)


Fluke Networks' Pair Availability Analysis (PAA) is a web-based reporting system that allows users to view reports based on the ratio between a specified pair category, such as defective pairs or working pairs, to the total number of pairs. PAA includes a full suite of pair analysis reports that may be viewed using any current web browser. These reports can be customized using filters or by modifying a variety of sort parameters. PAA is a major adjunct system within the LoopESSENTIALS family, built on our flagship Predictor and LoopExpert System (LES) products.


  • Web-based pair availability reporting
  • Inventory reports created from LFACS and LEIS
  • Daily reports created from SOAC data, MTAS or closed trouble history

Fluke Networks Pair Availability Analysis (PAA)
Fluke Networks Pair Availability Analysis (PAA)

Built on Predictor and Loop Expert System technology

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