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Anritsu: MD1230B 
NuStreams Series 

Anritsu MD1230B    

Anritsu MD1230B
Anritsu MD1230B

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  The MD1230B is the industry's first portable Ethernet/IP network data analyzer with dual functionality of wire speed performance analysis and network monitoring integrated into the same instrument. The built in LCD display with intuitive Windows XP-based GUI and modular architecture makes the MD1230B a versatile and an easy-to-use solution for all network testing environments, ranging from R&D and manufacturing to installation and maintenance.



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Xtramus NuStreams-2000i/600    

Built on open software platform and a highly scalable architecture, NuStreams®-2000i/600 is highly flexible and its functionality and applications can be enhanced by applying software upgrade or adopting new test modules.

Xtramus NuStreams 2000
Xtramus NuStreams-2000i

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Xtramus NuStreams 600
Xtramus NuStreams-600i

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