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Kingfisher Inspection Microscope
ShinewayTech: OCI-20BN 
Kingfisher: KI 6610 l KI 6620 l DI-1000 


ShinewayTech OCI-20BN Optical Connector Inspector


ShinewayTech OCI-20BN
ShinewayTech OCI-20BN

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OCI-20BN is a portable optical fiber connector inspector for checking fiber and connector end-face cleanliness, ideal for bench top and fiber optic network installation technicians to eliminate error caused by poor quality or improper cleaning. OCI-20BN offers excellent viewing on connector/fiber end-face and has a unique feature to record and save image/video of fiber end-face all by itself, with no computer or any external devices needed, which is the only type of its kind in the industry.

  • More than 30 Assorted High-precise tips Or customize for inspection solutions
  • Handy on-site test
  • Compatible with various connectors
  • Extended display on external monitor
  • Audio & video recording
  • Multimedia playback
  • Direct read/write flash disk
  • Large storage: TF card up to 16GB
  • Data transfer via USB2.0
  • Compact & smaller & lightweight

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Kingfisher KI 6610 FiberSafe Microscope

Kingfisher - KI6610
Kingfisher KI 6610

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The Kingfisher FiberSafe Microscope is the tool of choice for checking unmated fibre optic connectors for dirt and end face quality. A combination of high quality construction and numerous helpful features ensure that this equipment will enhance the performance of installation and maintenance staff.

  • Best image quality in the industry
  • Improved red and infra-red eye safety filter and safety labelling
  • Triple LED illumination: coaxial, oblique and core
  • Easy focus and X-Y image centering
  • AAA battery, external power input, low battery indicator
  • Stabilised illumination with convenient timer
  • Scope lanyard and tripod mount
  • Universal connector adaptors also fit duplex connectors
  • Optional adaptor for other industry standard connector adaptors
  • 200x or 400x magnification scopes

Kingfisher KI 6620 Video Fiber Inspection Scope

Kingfisher Video Fiber Inspection Scope
Kingfisher KI 6620

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The Handheld Video Fiber Inspection Microscope and optional probe combine to form a full function inspection tool for checking and recording the condition of both mated and unmated fiber optic connectors. The design is intrinsically eye-safe, and incorporates a handy connector endface cleaning pad. Supplied PC software enables easy capture, viewing and storage of images. A combination of durable construction, comfortable design, easy operation and quality optics ensures that this equipment will enhance the performance of installation and maintenance staff.


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Lightel DI-1000    

The ergonomically designed DI-1000 connects directly to your PC through the computer's USB2.0 port. Powered by the USB connection, it features easy single finger focusing, a built-in image freeze/capture button, and detectable
resolution to 0.5μm.

The DI-1000 includes our free ConnectorView (standard) software, providing image display, image capture, digital zoom, auto-calibration
and basic analysistools.

Pass / Fail analysis and reporting features can
be added with our optional ConnectorView Plus software.

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Lightel DI-1000
Lightel DI-1000

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  • Fast, easy focus
  • One hand operation
  • Inspect jumper cables
    and in bulkheads
  • Direct USB connection to PC
  • Built-in Capture button
  • Powered by USB connection
  • Digital zoom
  • Free image capture software
  • Pass / Fail analytical software option
DI-1000 Screenshot
DI-1000 Screenshot
  DI-1000 Screenshot
DI-1000 Screenshot
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