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Optical Variable Attenuator
ShinewayTech: OVA-50 
Kingfisher: KI 7000 l OPT716 


ShinewayTech OVA-50 Optical Variable Attenuator


OVA-50 Optical Variable Attenuator can precisely attenuate input optical signals at 1310/1490/1550/1625nm wavelengths and directly output defined stabilized optical signal. OVA-50 is applicable in various testing situations:


  • Attenuation Range: 2.5-60dB
  • Direct Output Power Control
  • Working modes:
    • Output power control
    • Absolute/relative attenuation setting
    • Program (Preprogramming frequently-used attenuations)
  • Adjust at step of 0.05/0.10/1.00/10.00 dB
  • PC Control via USB
  • Backlight
  • Over 30 Hours Continuous Operation
  • Handheld, Light and Easy-to-use
  • CE FCC Certificates

ShinewayTech OVA-50
ShinewayTech OVA-50

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Kingfisher KI 7000 Variable Optical Attenuator Series

The KI 7000 Series hand held Fiber Optic Variable Attenuator is a precision handheld instrument commonly used for testing optical system margin. Superior specifications, high productivity and remote control capability also make this a genuine laboratory instrument.

  • Easy to use & productive instrument
  • Single mode calibrations at 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 nm
  • Multimode calibrations at 850, 1300 nm
  • Superior absolute accuracy, power handling, ORL & PMD
  • Low minimum insertion loss
  • Supplied with metal free SC, ST, FC interchangeable connectors. Other options include LC connectors
  • Remote control software



Kingfisher Attenuator KI 7000
Kingfisher KI 7010

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Kingfisher OPT716 In-line Adjustable Optical Attenuator

Kingfisher - OPT716
Kingfisher OPT716

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The OPT716 In-line Adjustable Optical Attenuator is commonly used for testing optical system margin, or as an attenuator pad in a transmission system. This device is an inexpensive and useful measurement accessory

  • Simple and inexpensive device
  • Low minimum insertion loss and good ORL performance
  • Various flexible connector options
  • Single mode and multimode options
  • Telcordia GR-910-CORE compliant
  • Useful installation and measurement accessory

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