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VeEX RXT-1200


Modular Test Platform

VeEX® RXT is the industry's most flexible, compact, and futureproof hand-held test solution for core and field applications. The new and completely redesigned RXT modular platform addresses the challenges of communications service providers to increase efficiency and productivity.

Platform Highlights

  • Modern test platform, with a broad range of available test modules covering Access (copper and fiber), Metro, Transport and Core technologies
  • Application-oriented GUI
  • GUI familiarity across different test modules and other VeEX products reduces the learning curve
  • View test results and create detailed reports by region, area, system, and technician
  • Enables all jobs to be completed correctly the first time
  • The optional RXT carrier module brings forward compatibility to Sunrise Telecom's popular MTT test modules, protecting your original investment and facilitating easy transition
  • Multi-technology: DSL, Fiber Optics, DSn/PDH, SONET/SDH, OTN, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, CPRI/OBSAI,
  • Expand test functions with a growing list of test modules
  • Future-proof cost-effective platform
  • Test set connectivity via Ethernet Management interface, WiFi, Bluetooth®, or Data Card for back office applications and workflow optimization
  • User defined test profiles and thresholds
  • Fast and efficient test result transfer to USB memory stick
  • Ultra-high capacity field-exchangeable Li-ion battery pack extends testing time

VeEX RXT-1200

PDF Datasheet PDF Datasheet

Key Features

  • Dedicated navigation buttons for non-touch screen operation (e.g. operating the test set with gloves on)
  • Rugged design with integrated dual-shot rubber for protection, extra grip, and ergonomics
  • Flexible hand and shoulder straps configurations
  • Dual hand straps for right and left-handed operations
  • Integrated adjustable rubberized kick stand
  • Integrated stylus holder


Supported Modules

100G Module

Advanced all-in-one test module for Carrier Ethernet, Backhaul & Transport technologies. The RXT-6000 module adds Ethernet, Mobile DAS, Backhaul, Storage Area Networks, OTN, SDH/SONET links and services testing, from 10 Mbps up to 100 Gbps.

Multi-service Module

Full featured test solution for OTN, SDH, SONET, PDH, DSn networks with extensive support for Mobile Backhaul technologies with SyncE, 1588v2 PTP, Carrier Ethernet, Fibre Channel and CPRI/OBSAI testing.

Cable Expert Module

Super-Tech maintenance tool for CATV, addressing RF, DOCSIS, MPEG and Ethernet applications.

SHDSL Module

Provides SHDSL 2 and 4-wire modem emulation. STU-C and STU-R functions are supported for installation and prequalification. Advanced diagnostics at the ATM and IP layers are available.

TDR/DMM Module

Provides key fault identification and location tools for the MTT-C Chassis and RXT Platform. Features include a metallic TDR and a Digital Multimeter for DC and AC Voltage, 100 MΩ Resistance, Capacitance and DC Current.

Dual/Single E1 Module

With extensive E1 transmission and signaling testing capabilities, this module is an ideal installation, maintenance and service verification tool for the 2M access network.


Addresses the needs for the installation of SDH/SONET as well as PDH/T-Carrier links. This module supports applications from 1.5/2 Mbps up to 2.5 Gbps (STM-16/OC-48) and ATM.

Dual Port Ethernet Module

Powerful service installation and maintenance tool for 10/100/1000 Base-T, 100Base-FX and 1000Base-SX. With wirespeed traffic generation, this module provides physical layer to IP layer testing.

  OTDR Module

Features a range of Optical test functions including OTDR, OPM, Light Source and VFL. Multi-protocol OTN, SDH/SONET, Ethernet, Fibre Channel and Synchronous Packet Networks utilizing optical fibers can easily be verified with the RXT-4100.

Dual T1 Module

From cable installation and maintenance to protocol monitoring and service verification, the Dual T1 Modules offers a full suite of tools for testing T1 circuits.

Datacom/DDS Module

Offers extensive Datacom/DDS testing capabilities for the installation and verification of WAN/data links up to 2 Mbps.

DS3/DS1 Module

With dual receivers at DS3 and dual TX/RX interfaces at DS1, the MTT-24 provides comprehensive transmission testing for both T3 and T1 circuits.

IEEE C37.94 Module

Assists technicians in turning up a new circuit or in isolating problems on both sides (teleprotection and multiplexer) of the IEEE C37.94 network.

UDSL Module

Supports VDSL2 and ADSLx and addresses some key new features including Vectored VDSL2 and Two Line Bonding.

SHDSL.bis Module

Combines standard ITU-T G.991.2 and enhanced SHDSL.bis data rates, supported for one to four copper pairs.

OSA Module

Optical Spectrum/Channel Analyzer for CWDM and DWDM networks. Using micro-optic design and MEMS tuning technology, the OSA module measures key optical parameters such as wavelength, channel power, and OSNR.



VeEX MTTplus


Modular Test Platform

The MTTplus platform builds on the legacy of the legendary MTT, providing a compact, powerful and cost-effective modular test toolkit for today’s wide range of evolving test needs. The compact MTTplus Modular Test Platform addresses the challenges of communication service providers to increase efficiency and productivity. The flexible test platform lowers operational and capital expenditures associated with handling multiple technologies required to address today’s Access, Business, Carrier Ethernet, Transport and Core services.

The following test module options are available:

Platform Highlights

  • Modern, modular test platform with a growing range of available test modules covering legacy and modern Access (copper and fiber), FTTx, Metro, Carrier Ethernet and Transport technologies
  • Application-oriented GUI
  • Multi-technology: xDSL, Fiber Optics, Teleprotection, Datacom, DSn/PDH, SONET/SDH, OTN, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, CPRI/OBSAI
  • Expand test functions with a growing list of test modules
  • Future-proof cost-effective platform
  • The optional MTT carrier module brings forward compatibility to popular MTT test modules, protecting the original investment and facilitating easy transition

VeEX TX300S Front

PDF Datasheet PDF Datasheet

  • GUI familiarity across different test modules and other VeEX products reduces learning curve
  • Test set connectivity via USB, Ethernet, WiFi and Cellular
  • Four USB ports (3x USB A and 1x micro-USB B
  • Fast and efficient test result transfer to USB memory stick
  • Built-in GPS option
  • Built-in Camera option for job site documentation, QR and bar codes
  • Small package and light weight
  • Field replaceable battery pack
  • Large LCD Touch Screen and ambient light sensor



VeEX FX300 - OTDR    

VeEX FX300

PDF Datasheet Brief brochure

Der FX300 Fiber Expert ist ein sehr leichtes, portables und robustes MiniOTDR mit Fokus auf Installateure, die in den Bereichen FTTx, xPON, CATV, Mobile Backhaul oder Standard LAN/WAN Dienstleistungen anbieten und Messungen durchführen.


Mit einem Gewicht von weniger als 900g und der geringen Grösse ist der FX300 ideal geeignet für den Vorort-Einsatz in beengten Verhältnissen, wie sie in KabelTV oder Fiber ToTheHome Installationen ständig vorkommen.

Das OTDR bietet Messgenauigkeit, Dynamik und Totzonen, die mit "grossen" Geräten vergleichbar sind, und reduziert mit seinem attraktiven Preis Startinvestition für Installateure, die in die "optische Welt" einsteigen.

City Carriern oder grossen Dienstleistern erlaubt das Preis- Leistungsverhältnis eine Ausstattung aller Aussendienstmitarbeiter mit einem leistungsfähigen, einfach zu bedienenden Reflektometer, das auch die Dokumentation der gemessenen Fasern schnell und unkompliziert erlaubt.


Kingfisher KI 6700 OTDR

The Kingfisher OTDR is a mid-level handheld tool for certifying and fault finding on fiber optic cable systems. In addition to the usual functions, it has a variety of enhanced capabilities such as automatic dual wavelength testing, file save to a USB flash drive, and advanced cursor placement.

  • Single mode and /or multimode, up to 4 wavelengths
  • Large, bright colour display
  • Automatic live fiber / no fiber identification
  • Compact and rugged unit with connector cover
  • 1.2 meter minimum event deadzone
  • PC analysis software compatible with multiple SOR file formats
  • ORL test integrated into event table
  • Single mode optical light source function
  • Filtered out-of-band 1625 nm option
  • PON thru-coupler test capability
  • 2 Year warranty


ShinewayTech palmOTDR Series Handheld OTDR


ShinewayTech palmOTDR
ShinewayTech palmOTDR Series

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet l New Product Upgrade!

palmOTDR series handheld OTDR supports averaging and real-time tests featuring compact design, excellent stability, user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. The hotkeys enable convenient events review and analysis. A variety of models are available for singlemode/multimode fibers and


LAN/WAN/FTTx applications. With TraceManager software, you can save and transfer test data from OTDR to PC for further analysis, reporting and printing.

Most Compact High-Performance OTDR

  • Ideal for LAN/WAN/FTTx certification&trouble-shooting
  • FTTx in-service testing/Testing through ≤ 1x64 splitter: Model S16C/N & S20C/X (1625nm with filter)
  • Perfect MMI, handheld&lightweight (only 1kg)
  • Overall fiber applications: SM: 1310/1490/1550/1625nm (with filter), up to 45dB MM: 850/1300nm, 18/22dB
  • Value-added 650nm VFL
  • Quick start: <5 seconds
  • Hotkeys: Easiest operation in the world, push-and-test
  • High precision measurement, large internal memory
  • RS232/USB data interface
  • Bellcore file format (.sor)
  • PC software for traces batch editing & flexible printing
  • Multilanguage: EN/DE/ES/PT/RU/KR/CN
  • 8 hrs continuous operation/20 hrs standby
  • Dust-shock proof (2m drop test)
  • CE, FCC, FDA certificates


ShinewayTech MTP-200 Series Hand-held High Performance OTDR


ShinewayTech MTP-200
ShinewayTech MTP-200

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

ShinewayTech® MTP-200 series are the compact multi-functional platform, which are specially designed for FTTx/WAN applications and can meet all test requirements of installers, contractors and service operators during network installation, construction, maintenance and troubleshooting. It is convenient and accurate for auto/manual testing, multi-wavelength testing and multi-functional analysis.

Multi-Function and High Performance OTDR Testing

  • Dynamic Range up to 50dB
  • Short zone: EDZ 0.8m, ADZ 4.5m
  • Auto/Manual test and analysis
  • Multi-wavelength testing
  • Visible laser source function
  • In-Line test and through Splitter test(1625/1650nm with filter)
  • OTDR Module up to four wavelengths, SM/MM Option
  • Fault locating, fiber length/loss/return loss measurement, connector/ splice/ splitter/ macro bend/fiber-end detection
  • LAN/WAN/FTTx application
  • GR-196-CORE (.SOR) file format
  • SOR and JPG file format
  • Flexible file Naming

Optimized Platform Performance

  • Lightweight, 2.1kg
  • 7 inch touch screen
  • High strength protect horn
  • Excellent Man-Machine interface for easy operation
  • Damp-dust-shock proof
  • Optimized power management: 10 hours continuous operation
  • Fast power up and off with Windows CE
  • Direct printing function(compatible with PCL printers)
  • Remote/local control by PC


ShinewayTech palmOTDR-S120 Series Entry-Level OTDR

  • The lowest cost and the fully functional OTDR
  • Graphic display of test results
  • Dynamic range up to 28dB
  • Quick start: <5 seconds u Perfect user interface, handheld & lightweight (1kg)
  • Hotkeys: Easiest operation in the world, push-and-test
  • 1000 test records storage
  • Bellcore file format (.sor)
  • PC software for batch data processing
  • USB/RS-232 data interface, driver-free
  • Multiple languages: EN/DE/IT/FR/ES/PT/RU/KR/VN/CN etc.
  • 10 hours continuous operation with battery
  • Dust-shock proof (2mdrop test)

TraceManager Software

  • TraceManager software can display, analyze and edit trace files, generate and print comprehensive test and analysis reports in various forms.
  • Trace viewing, events analysis
  • Batch editing and flexible printing
  • Trace viewing, events analysis
  • Multi traces comparison
  • Batch editing and flexible printing
  • Bidirectional testing (Optional)
  • CSV/ASCII report formats

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ShinewayTech palmOTDR-S120

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

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