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OTDR/OFL: palmOTDR l S120 
Multifunctional Test Platform: MTP-200 
Laser Sources: SLS-50 l SLS-21 
Optical Power Meter: OPM-50 l PPM-50 l OPM-1x/2x l OCC-50 
Optical Variable Attenuator: OVA-50 
Optical Fiber Identifier: OFI-20A l OFI-50A 
Optical Loss Testers: OLT-20 l OLT-55 
Optical Talk Sets: OTS-20 
Integrated Test Meters: FiberCute 
Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer: OFS-90 
Microscopes: OCI-20BN 
Wireless Testers: WFT-20 


ShinewayTech palmOTDR Series Handheld OTDR


ShinewayTech palmOTDR
ShinewayTech palmOTDR Series

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet l New Product Upgrade!

palmOTDR series handheld OTDR supports averaging and real-time tests featuring compact design, excellent stability, user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. The hotkeys enable convenient events review and analysis. A variety of models are available for singlemode/multimode fibers and


LAN/WAN/FTTx applications. With TraceManager software, you can save and transfer test data from OTDR to PC for further analysis, reporting and printing.

Most Compact High-Performance OTDR

  • Ideal for LAN/WAN/FTTx certification & trouble-shooting
  • FTTx in-service testing/Testing through ≤1x64 splitter: Model S16C/N & S20C/X (1625nm with filter)
  • Perfect MMI, handheld & lightweight (only 1kg)
  • Overall fiber applications: SM: 1310/1490/1550/1625nm (with filter), up to 45dB MM: 850/1300nm, 18/22dB
  • Value-added 650nm VFL
  • Quick start: <5 seconds
  • Hotkeys: Easiest operation in the world, push-and-test
  • High precision measurement, large internal memory
  • RS232/USB data interface
  • Bellcore file format (.sor)
  • PC software for traces batch editing & flexible printing
  • Multilanguage: EN/DE/ES/PT/RU/KR/CN
  • 8 hrs continuous operation/20 hrs standby
  • Dust-shock proof (2m drop test)
  • CE, FCC, FDA certificates


ShinewayTech palmOTDR-S120 Series Entry-Level OTDR

  • The lowest cost and the fully functional OTDR
  • Graphic display of test results
  • Dynamic range up to 28dB
  • Quick start: <5 seconds u Perfect user interface, handheld & lightweight (1kg)
  • Hotkeys: Easiest operation in the world, push-and-test
  • 1000 test records storage
  • Bellcore file format (.sor)
  • PC software for batch data processing
  • USB/RS-232 data interface, driver-free
  • Multiple languages: EN/DE/IT/FR/ES/PT/RU/KR/VN/CN etc.
  • 10 hours continuous operation with battery
  • Dust-shock proof (2mdrop test)

TraceManager Software

  • TraceManager software can display, analyze and edit trace files, generate and print comprehensive test and analysis reports in various forms.
  • Trace viewing, events analysis
  • Batch editing and flexible printing
  • Trace viewing, events analysis
  • Multi traces comparison
  • Batch editing and flexible printing
  • Bidirectional testing (Optional)
  • CSV/ASCII report formats

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ShinewayTech palmOTDR-S120

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet



ShinewayTech MTP-200 Series Hand-held High Performance OTDR


ShinewayTech MTP-200
ShinewayTech MTP-200

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

ShinewayTech® MTP-200 series are the compact multi-functional platform, which are specially designed for FTTx/WAN applications and can meet all test requirements of installers, contractors and service operators during network installation, construction, maintenance and troubleshooting. It is convenient and accurate for auto/manual testing, multi-wavelength testing and multi-functional analysis.

Multi-Function and High Performance OTDR Testing

  • Dynamic Range up to 50dB
  • Short zone: EDZ 0.8m, ADZ 4.5m
  • Auto/Manual test and analysis
  • Multi-wavelength testing
  • Visible laser source function
  • In-Line test and through Splitter test(1625/1650nm with filter)
  • OTDR Module up to four wavelengths, SM/MM Option
  • Fault locating, fiber length/loss/return loss measurement, connector/ splice/ splitter/ macro bend/fiber-end detection
  • LAN/WAN/FTTx application
  • GR-196-CORE (.SOR) file format
  • SOR and JPG file format
  • Flexible file Naming

Optimized Platform Performance

  • Lightweight, 2.1kg
  • 7 inch touch screen
  • High strength protect horn
  • Excellent Man-Machine interface for easy operation
  • Damp-dust-shock proof
  • Optimized power management: 10 hours continuous operation
  • Fast power up and off with Windows CE
  • Direct printing function(compatible with PCL printers)
  • Remote/local control by PC


ShinewayTech SLS-50 Intelligent Stabilized Laser Source


ShinewayTech SLS-50
ShinewayTech SLS-50

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

SLS-50 can generate highly stable optical signals at multiple wavelengths to precisely measure optical link loss and identify optical fiber paired with OPM-50 Intelligent Optical Power Meter.

6dB Adjustable Power Output Range
Output Power can be adjusted at minimum 0.01dB/step within a range of 6dB.

Automatic Wavelength Identification
SLS-50 can transmit digital encrypted signals through tested fiber to OPM-50 which can automatically identify the input wavelength and switch to the corresponding test mode. This feature


greatly reduces the workload at both ends and risk of potential error.

Remote Reference Value Setting
SLS-50 can transmit digital-encrypted signal with power parameters through tested fiber to OPM-50 as reference for precise link loss measurement even the two units are far apart.

Compatible with FTTx Test
SLS-50 can generate highly stable signals at 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm wavelength, compliant with Passive Optical Network (PON) and FTTx standards.

Direct LCD Display of Output Power
The power value of SLS-50 output signal can be directly displayed on its LCD screen for easy reference.


  • 6dB Adjustable Power Output Range
  • Automatic Wavelength Identification
  • Remote Reference Value Setting
  • FTTx Applicable
  • USB Power Charging
  • No Warm-up, Quick Start
  • Backlight
  • Over 70 Hours Continuous Operation
  • Pocketsize, Lightweight and Easy-to-use
  • CE/FCC/FDA Certificates


ShinewayTech SLS-21 Stabilized Laser Sources


The ShinewayTech SLS series are pocketsize, lightweight, easy-to-use stabilized laser sources. Based on advanced technologies of precision laser control, the SLS models have been designed to provide high capability of laser source for engineering, R&D and equipment manufactures, and being favored for its quality, value, reliability and safety.

Ideal tools for optical network installation, trouble shooting and maintenance, with features of damp and shock proof design and dual-way powering system.

The SLS-21 series can provided a very stabilized optical signal at multi-wavelength, together with any of ShinewayTech's Optical Power Meters, can be used to identify optical fiber, measure optical attenuation, verify continuity and evaluate fiber link transmission quality.


  • Pocketsize, easy to use
  • Fast response, no warm up
  • Damp, dust and shock proof design
  • Modulation in CW and modulated frequencies

ShinewayTech SLS-21
ShinewayTech SLS-21

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

  • Single/dual/triplex wavelength selectable
  • Interchangeable fiber-optic adapters (choice of FC, SC or ST)
  • High stabilized output of optical signal
  • Dual-way powering system
  • Auto off function conserving battery life
  • CE, FCC, FDA certificates


ShinewayTech OPM-50 Intelligent Optical Power Meter


OPM-50 paired with SLS-50 Intelligent Stabilized Laser Source can be used to identify fiber, measure attenuation and loss, verify continuity and evaluate fiber link transmission quality.

Automatic Wavelength Identification
Compatible with the digital encryption protocols of SLS-50, OPM-50 can automatically identify the wavelength of the optical signals transmitted from SLS-50 and switch to the corresponding test mode, which greatly reduces the workload at both ends and risk of potential error.

Remote Reference Value Setting
OPM-50 can receive the power parameters of digital-encrypted signal transmitted from SLS-50 as reference for precise link loss measurement even the two units are far apart.

Internal Clock & Fiber S/N Editable
Internal clock enables OPM-50 to save test data with time and editable fiber SN information.

Compatible With FTTx Test
OPM-50 can be applied to measure Triple-play signals (1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm) on Passive Optical Network (PON).


  • Automatic Wavelength Identification
  • Remote Reference Value Setting

ShinewayTech OPM-50
ShinewayTech OPM-50

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

  • FTTx Applicable
  • Internal Clock & Fiber S/N Editable
  • Memory of 1000 Test Records
  • Data Transfer to PC via USB
  • USB Power Charging
  • No Warm-up, Quick Start
  • Backlight
  • 125 Hours Continuous Operation
  • Pocketsize, Lightweight and Easy-to-use
  • CE/FCC Certificates


ShinewayTech PPM-50 PON Power Meter


ShinewayTech PPM-50
ShinewayTech PPM-50

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

PPM-50 PON Power Meter can perform in-service testing of all PON signals (1310/1490/1550nm) on any spot of the network featuring pass-through


design, burst mode and Pass/Warning/Fail assessment function, which can greatly help you evaluate PON signals transmission quality.


  • Specially designed for FTTx/PON (B/E/G) applications
  • Easy operation: Connect fiber and get results
  • Simultaneous Triple-play PON signals measurement:
    1310/1490/1550nm (Voice/Data/Video)
  • Pass-through test: Applicable anywhere on PON
  • Burst mode 1310nm upstream signal detection
  • User-defined thresholds on PPM-50 unit
  • Pass/Warning/Fail assessment on PPM-50 unit
  • Cable/Fiber ID editing
  • CSV file format
  • Color TFT, readable under sunlight
  • Compact design


ShinewayTech OPM-1x/2x Series


OPM-1x/2x series Optical Power Meter paired with ShinewayTech SLS series Stabilized Laser Source can meet general test requirements of fiber identification, attenuation/loss measurements, continuity verification and transmission quality evaluation on singlemode and multimode fibers in LAN/WAN/CATV infrastructure. OPM-1x/2x is ideal for both lab and field applications offering high quality, high stability and competitive low costs.


  • Applicable on singlemode/multimode fibers
  • Microprocessor & linear amplifier ensure long-time accuracy
  • Quick response, no warm-up
  • Interchangeable connectors: FC/SC/ST
  • Dual-way power supply: 9V alkaline battery/AC adapter
  • Pocketsize, lightweight and damp-dust-shock proof
  • Power saving: Auto-off setting
  • MOD tones detection

ShinewayTech OPM-1x/2x
ShinewayTech OPM-1x/2x

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

  • Display Units: dB/dBm/mW
  • PC software for data upload and reporting (OPM-2x only)
  • CE, FCC Certificates


ShinewayTech OCC-50 A/B CWDM Optical Channel Checker


ShinewayTech OCC-50
ShinewayTech OCC-50 A/B

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

OCC-50 Handheld CWDM Optical Channel Checker is specially designed for CWDM installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, which is able to measure and monitor power values of 8 CWDM channels. OCC-50 can replace high-cost


Spectrometers and conduct quick and reliable measurements in all environments. Thanks for its light, compact and sturdy design, OCC-50 is the ideal tool for CWDM installation and maintenance technicians.

Designed for Metro, Access & FTTx Networks

  • Clear TFT LCD display (320*240)
  • 8-channel measurement (1471-1611 nm)
  • Result display in histogram and list
  • Applicable to normal optical power measurement
  • Internal clock & fiber S/N editable
  • User definable threshold setting
  • Data Transfer to PC via USB
  • No warm-up, quick start
  • Backlight
  • 10 hours continuous operation
  • Pocketsize, lightweight and easy-to-use
  • CE, FCC certificates

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CWDM Module
Wavelength (nm)
1271~ 1611
Channel Number
Power Range (dBm)
-50 ~ +10
Channel Spacing
Central Wavelength
Channel Band-pass
ITU +-6.5nm
Channel Power Resolution
+-0.01 dB
Channel Power Accuracy
+-0.5 dB
Channel Power Repeatability
+-0.5 dB
Maximum Input Power
13 dBm
>45 dB
Measurement Unit
W/mW/µW/nW/pW/dBm/dB (REF)
Data Storage
1000 sets
Detector Type
Application Range
Singlemode Fiber
FC/PC (Interchangeable SC/ST)
Power Saving
Auto-off after 5 minute idle
OPM Module
Calibrated Wavelength (nm)
Power Range (dBm)(1)
-70 ~ +10
+-5%+-0.01nW (+-0.5 dB@850nm)
0.01 dB
General Specifications
Power Supply
NiMH Rechargeable Battery / AC Power Adaptor
Battery Life
Continuous operation 10 hours
1kg (2.2 lbs)
Dimensions (H x W x T)
220x110x70mm (8.7x4.3x2.7 inch)


ShinewayTech OVA-50 Optical Variable Attenuator


OVA-50 Optical Variable Attenuator can precisely attenuate input optical signals at 1310/1490/1550/1625nm wavelengths and directly output defined stabilized optical signal. OVA-50 is applicable in various testing situations:


  • Attenuation Range: 2.5-60dB
  • Direct Output Power Control
  • Working modes:
    • Output power control
    • Absolute/relative attenuation setting
    • Program (Preprogramming frequently-used attenuations)
  • Adjust at step of 0.05/0.10/1.00/10.00 dB
  • PC Control via USB
  • Backlight
  • Over 30 Hours Continuous Operation
  • Handheld, Light and Easy-to-use
  • CE FCC Certificates

ShinewayTech OVA-50
ShinewayTech OVA-50

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet



ShinewayTech OFI-20A Optical Fiber Identifier


OFI-20A can detect optical signal presence, type and direction anywhere on fibers during optical network deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting. With non-destructive macro-bend detection technology, it introduces no damage to tested fiber or interference to the service on fiber. OFI-20A is able to identify wide-spectrum signals (such as signals in CATV system) and can be used in SONET/SDH & DWDM systems tests.


  • Fiber types: 250µm, 900µm, 2mm/3mm jacketed fiber
  • Non-destructive detection

ShinewayTech OFI-20A
ShinewayTech OFI-20A

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

  • Indication of signal presence, strength and direction
  • CW/MOD tones detection
  • Buzzer indication
  • Handheld & sturdy
  • CE, FCC certificates


ShinewayTech OFI-50A Series Optical Fiber Identifier


ShinewayTech OFI-50A
ShinewayTech OFI-50A

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

OFI–50A uses optical fiber sensing principle to confirm the target fiber; It can quickly identify deep buried, overhead and pipe fiber cable without any destroy, and provide a simple method for maintenance personnel. Users only need gently knock on cable, when knocking to the target cable, OFI-50 can clearly hear the knock from earphone, which can accurately identify the target cable. OFI–50A is real one-key type test; handheld design, easy to carry, 3.5' color screen real-time waveform; the software of the intelligent struck the judgment of the two operation / display mode, combined with the Headset real-time audio, with 3 kinds of recognition percussion method, so as to quickly and accurately identify the measured cable. OFI-50A is a kind of ideal tool for optical fiber

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  • Easy to use, reliable
  • Fast identification of deep buried, overhead and pipe fiber cable
  • Built-in intelligent mode, knock in the measured cable screen showed positive and negative Pyramid strength; output the notification sound
  • Rapid and accurate identification
  • Click the targeted or wanted cable, OFI-50A can response with sound and light reaction
  • According to the Headset feedback information, the operator can intuitive judgment percussion cable
  • According to the waveform real-time cable, knock in the measured cable real-time waveform will have obvious wave, visual disturbance
  • VFL function is available
  • Non destructive optical cable


ShinewayTech OLT-20 Optical Loss Tester


The ShinewayTech® OLT-20 series are multi-functional testing instrument for optic fiber networks. The useful applications include installation, routine inspection and daily maintenance of MAN, WAN and CATV systems as well as for lab test and research work.

The OLT-20 series integrate laser source module and power meter module in one set, which can perform power testing and link loss testing of optic fiber network conveniently. It can test within the shortest time and efficiently avoid the file mistakes caused by not matching of laser source and power meter. They are highly praised for its excellent quality, safety, value and fast testing features.


  • Pocketsize, large LCD display
  • Multi-wavelength measurement
  • Direct loss measurement units in dB
  • Link loss testing
  • Absolute power measurement units in dBm or µW
  • Modulation in CW and modulated frequencies
  • 270/1K/2K Hz Modulated frequencies

ShinewayTech OLT-20
ShinewayTech OLT-20

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

  • Dual-wavelength output in single optic output
  • Dual-way powering system including a 9V battery and AC adapter
  • Low power indicator
  • Auto off function conserving battery life
  • CE, FCC, FDA certificates


ShinewayTech OLT-55 Intelligent Optical Loss Tester


OLT-55 Intelligent Optical Loss Tester is an all-in-one loss tester integrated with Stabilized Laser Source, Optical Power Meter, Optical Loss Tester, ORL Tester and Length Testing functions. It can perform automatic bidirectional loss test on single fiber with Pass/Fail assessment. With rich functions, flexible configuration and excellent user friendly design, OLT-55 is the ideal optical loss tester to completely evaluate the optical fiber link condition in FTTx, LAN and CATV network.


  • All-in-one: SLS + OPM + OLT + ORL + Length test
  • Optical power monitoring (Auto power trace)
  • Bidirectional loss test on single fiber
  • ORL test
  • Pass/Fail assessment
  • Automatic wavelength identification/switch (AutoID)
  • Remote reference value setting
  • Internal clock & fiber S/N editable
  • 1000 test records (CSV) storage & management
  • Data transfer to PC via USB (Driver-free)
  • Auto test records save in local unit/remote unit/both units
  • USB power charging
  • Over 35 hours continuous operation
  • Multilanguage support
  • No warm-up, quick start
  • High resolution color LCD
  • Pocketsize, lightweight and easy-to-use

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ShinewayTech OLT-50
ShinewayTech OLT-50

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet



ShinewayTech OTS-20 Multifunctional Optical Talk Set


OTS-20 Multifunction Optical Talk Set enables clear and long distance telephony on single optical fiber. Featuring integrated laser source and optical power meter for loss test, OTS-20 is a reliable toolset for tough environments.


  • Full duplex multiparty call on single fiber
  • High-quality voice signal
  • Optional nondestructive Clip-on Coupler:
  • Direct online communication
  • 10 hours continuous operation/Auto off
  • Handheld, damp-dust-shock proof
  • CE FCC FDA certificates

ShinewayTech OTS-20
ShinewayTech OTS-20

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet



ShinewayTech FiberCute


ShinewayTech FiberCute
ShinewayTech FiberCute

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

FiberCute Multifunctional Tester is a powerful integration of optical power meter, stabilized laser source, visible laser source, talk set, loss tester and fiber length tester, an all-in-one solution for optical


power, loss and fiber-length measurements.


  • All-in-one: Six functional modules in one unit for multi-tasks
    • Optical Power Meter
    • Optical Loss Tester
    • Stabilized Laser Source
    • Visible Laser Source
    • Optical Talk Set
    • Fiber-length Meter
  • High-quality voice signal
  • Optional nondestructive Clip-on Coupler: Direct online communication
  • Handheld, damp-dust-shock proof
  • 9 hours continuous operation/Auto off
  • CE FCC FDA certificates


ShinewayTech OFS-90 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer


ShinewayTech® OFS-90 series optical fiber fusion splicer is designed with high-speed image processing technology and special precision-positioning technology. It will automatically finish the whole fiber fusion process in 9 seconds by fast mode, and splice loss is lower than 0.02dB for single mode fiber. 3.5 -inch LCD , dual CMOS monitors, X and Y axis separately display or simultaneously display, thus different fusion stages can be showed clearly. It is compatible with ITU-T SM/MM/DS/NZDS/ED fiber, and is equipped with 4-in-1 holders and SOC adapter. OFS-90 has small volume, light weight, AC/DC power supply and 150+ splicing and heating circles, so it is particularly suited to telecommunications, radio and television, railway, electric power, military, research institutes for optical fiber communication construction and maintenance. OFS-90 is perfect for FTTH installation and maintenance.

Hardware Structure Design Feature:

  • Compact and convenient: 1.5kg with battery
  • Four motors, special precision-positioning technology
  • Splice Loss: SMF/BIF: ≤0.02dB(typ.); MMF: ≤0.01dB(typ.); DSF/NZDSF/EDF: ≤0.04dB(typ.)
  • High precision 4-in-1 holder (250µm/900µm/patch cord/FTTx indoor fiber etc), SOC holder u Unique battery and the host separation design, convenient maintenance and replacement of the battery
  • Double V-groove design u High strength portable straps design is convenient for hanging and operating
  • Inner light make the operation environment in the dark
  • Wind, sand and dust prevention, waterproof, aseismatic design adapt to the outdoor environment
  • Display screen can be flip before and after, can conveniently multi-angle observe

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ShinewayTech OFS-90
ShinewayTech OFS-90

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

Software Design Feature:

  • Auto checks fiber end-face, calibrate position of splicing, calculate splicing loss and temperature and pressure compensation so on
  • Between X/Y single screen and X&Y easily switch
  • Auto splice, auto arc optimization, auto heating
  • ≤9s splicing time, ≤36s heating time (adjustable)
  • 3 hours fast charge
  • Ready-package battery with electric quantity indicator, convenient carrying and change
  • Built-in counter to warn replace electrode


ShinewayTech OCI-20BN Optical Connector Inspector


ShinewayTech OCI-20BN
ShinewayTech OCI-20BN

ShinewayTech DatasheetPDF Datasheet

OCI-20BN is a portable optical fiber connector inspector for checking fiber and connector end-face cleanliness, ideal for bench top and fiber optic network installation technicians to eliminate error caused by poor quality or improper cleaning. OCI-20BN offers excellent viewing on connector/fiber end-face and has a unique feature to record and save image/video of fiber end-face all by itself, with no computer or any external devices needed, which is the only type of its kind in the industry.

  • More than 30 Assorted High-precise tips Or customize for inspection solutions
  • Handy on-site test
  • Compatible with various connectors
  • Extended display on external monitor
  • Audio & video recording
  • Multimedia playback
  • Direct read/write flash disk
  • Large storage: TF card up to 16GB
  • Data transfer via USB2.0
  • Compact & smaller & lightweight

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