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Local Loop Simulators: VxT-48 | VXT-N48 | 458-3SLB | 458-CC | 458 Modules | 458-SM-2-16 | 500 | 700 
Noise Simulators: 4901 
Transparent Cable Farm Automation Switch: CFA-24 


Telebyte VxT-48 xTalk Emulator for Vectored VDSL2 Testing


 Telebyte VxT-48
Telebyte Telebyte VxT-48

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Automated Performance Testing Solution Simulating Crosstalk on 48 Line Pairs

Vectoring technology promises to bring a wealth of new opportunities to Service Providers as well as manufacturers of DSLAMs, CPE Modems and Chipsets. This exciting new technology allows for a more efficient utilization of existing copper infrastructure by cancelling the crosstalk between neighboring pairs within a cable. This increases data rates far beyond current levels, making bandwidth-intensive applications such as IPTV and Triple Play available in areas where it was not possible before.

Bringing products and services based on Vectoring technology to the marketplace requires repeatable testing of multiple loops. Until now, breakthroughs in


this technology have not been matched by innovations in commercially available testing solutions. The only choices have been Cable Farms where correlating test results from site to site is problematic.

Telebyte's xTalk Emulator is the world's first commercially available solution for physical layer testing of equipment that utilizes Vectoring technology. The VxT-48 offers repeatable and configurable Vectoring performance testing of up to 48 independent loops in one complete unit. Multiple units are ideal for parallel testing to ensure consistent performance from site to site. Our groundbreaking design emulates FEXT between loops 2, 4 and 6 of WT-249 (Revision 05).

  • Suitable for VDSL2 Vectoring test cases
  • 48 independent loops
  • FEXT emulation between all loops
  • Simulates WT-249 (Rev 05) Loops 2, 4, 6
  • Symmetrical crosstalk matrix
  • Micro-Interruptions
  • Efficient automation
  • Repeatabletesting
  • Ideal for parallel testing
  • Remotecontrol via Ethernet, RS-232, USB or User-friendly GUI
  • One-YearWarranty/Calibration.


Telebyte Model VXT-N48 - 48 Channel AWGN Generator/Injector


Telebyte Model VXT-N48
Telebyte Model VXT-N48

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The Model VxT-N48 48-Channel AWGN Generator/Injector is designed to interface between CO or CPE equipment and the Telebyte VxT-48 xTalk Emulator for VDSL2 Vectoring Testing. Operating in three modes, it will generate 48 channels of built-in, uncorrelated AWGN as well as inject up to 48 correlated or uncorrelated complex noises received from the Model 4901 Multi-Output Noise Simulator. The VxT-N48 accepts two SMB inputs per channel from the Model 4901 for easy combining of RFI, alien crosstalk, impulse and other noises for complex test scenarios on each channel. Two additional SMB's are provided for combining two 4901 outputs and then distributing them noise across all enabled channels.

The front of the unit has two rows of twelve TERA connectors. Each of these connectors can connect to four line-pairs via a Category-7 cable. One row connects to the VxT-48 via short jumpers, while the other connects to the CO or CPE equipment. If the user wishes to add noise to both the CO and CPE sides of the test set up, two units should be purchased.


Main Features

  • Three Model
    • Generates/injects independent AWGN on any/all VxT-48 lines
    • Distributes two combined noise sources (from Model 4901) across all enabled VxT-48 lines
    • Injects multiple, independent noise sources (from Model 4901) onto any/all VxT-48 lines
  • Use with Telebyte's VxT-48 xTalk Emulator
  • Compatible with Telebyte's local loop simulators
  • Fine, 1dBm increments
  • Wide bandwidth (20 kHz to 30 MHz)
  • Noise Floor below -143 dBm/Hz





Telebyte 4901 Multi-Output Noise Simulator


The Telebyte Model 4901 Multi-Output Noise Simulator provides 2 to 24 independent noise channels in a convenient, 4U-high unit.

The system holds up to 6 AWG cards, each of which can be configured with either 2 or 4 channels. This powerful solution is easily expanded by adding more 2 or 4-port AWG cards and companion noise injectors. The system includes user-friendly configuration software allowing the user to select and build a wide variety of impairment models common to DSL network implementations. Common crosstalk types available include ADSL2+, VDSL2 and many more. The user-defined crosstalk feature allows specification of a target PSD on the DSL line. Using either MATLAB (.mat) or Excel (.xls) files, the user supplies the target PSD in dBm/Hz and corresponding frequency values.


Telebyte 4901 Noise Simulator
4901 Noise Simulator

PDF Datasheet PDF Datasheet

This feature produces crosstalk with the desired PSD on the DSL line and, optionally, any combination of RFI tones. No additional PC required.



Telebyte 4901-N18 G.SHDSL Noise Library

The Model 4901-N18 G.SHDSL Noise Library provides all the tests pertaining to noise generation requirements found in the ITU Standard G.991.2 (12/2003) Single-Pair High Speed Digital Subscriber

Line (SHDSL) Transceivers.

PDF Datasheet PDF Datasheet



Telebyte 458-3SLB Local Loop Simulator Chassis


 Telebyte 458-3SL Local Loop Simulator Chassis
Telebyte 458-3SLB Test Chassis

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  This compact, versatile unit accepts 1, 2 or 3 line modules and controls from 1 - 24 channels. The Telebyte Model 458-3SLB is ideal for testing DSL modems and other bandwidth-compliant telecom devices in a high-volume production environment. While it can be used as a stand-alone unit, the built-in Control Module interfaces with a PC via RS-232, IEEE-488, or Ethernet. Line lengths and configuration settings appear on an LCD display on the front of the unit and can be set via a keypad. For added convenience, the Control Module firmware is field-upgradeable through the RS-232 port. The same software is used for the 458-CM (16-Slot chassis).


Telebyte 458-CC Local Loop Simulator Chassis

The Telebyte Model 458 Multi-Channel Local Loop Simulator provides a wide variety of configurations through use of up to 16 plug-in Line Modules. It is ideally suited for testing DSL modems and other bandwidth-compliant telecom devices in a high-volume production line environment.

The 458 Control Module interfaces with a controlling PC or terminal via IEEE-488, RS-232 or Ethernet to control loop-length settings.

A user-friendly interface or Common user-command language may be used for control.

The Model 458 simulates 26 AWG PIC and offers the bandwidth requirements for xDSL technologies such as ADSL, G.Lite, HDSL, HDSL2, G.SHDSL (Annex 1) and SDSL.

Telebyte 458 Local Loop Simulator Chassis
458 Test Chassis

PDF Datasheet PDF Datasheet



Available Modules for the Telebyte 458 Series

Line Module
Noise Sources
458-AWGN2 ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL2 2 2 0 Inject AWGN onto real cable or local loop simulator DC to 30 MHZ
458-LM-E8-2 G.SHDSL 0 8 PE04 0 to 4,500 m/300 m 2 MHz
0.4 mm Paper
0 km to 7.5 km/500-m
DC to 4.0 MHz
Ch 1: 0 - 31,750 ft/250 ft
Ch 2-8: 0-30,000 ft/2,000 ft
DC to 4.5 MHz
0.4 mm PE
Ch 1: 0 - 9,450/150 m
Ch 2-8: 0-9,000/600 m
DC to 4.5 MHz
458-LM-A1-30 (AWGN 1,2) ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL, VDSL2
0 to 24,000 ft/25-ft
DC to 30 MHz
458-LM-A1-30-TR114 ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL2 0 1 26 / 24 AWG 0 to 24,000 ft / 25-ft DC to 30 MHZ
458-LM-E1-30-04+ (AWGN2) G.SHDSL, ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL, VDSL2 0, 2 1 0.4mm PE/PE04 0 to 9,000 m/10-m DC to 30 MHz
458-LM-E1-30-04-DC ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL, VDSL2
0.4mm PE
0 to 6,350 m/25-m
DC to 30 MHz
458-LM-E1-30-TP100 (AWGN2) ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL, VDSL2
0.4mm PE
0 to 9,000 m/10-m
DC to 30 MHz
458-LM-A8-18A ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, ADSL2++, VDSL, VDSL2 0 8 26 AWG 0 to 15,000 ft / 1000-ft DC to 18 MHZ
0-15,000 ft/1,000 ft
DC to 30 MHz
0 8 26 AWG PIC 0-15,000 ft/1,000 ft 30 MHz
0.4 mm PE
0-4,500 m/300 m
DC to 30 MHz
0 to 7,500 ft in 500-ft
DC to 36 MHz
0.4 mm PE
0-2,250 m/150 m
DC to 36 MHz
458-SM-2-16 ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL2 Switching Module 0 16 0 no line simulation DC to 30 MHZ


Telebyte Model 458-SM-2-16 Transparent Switching Module


The Model 458-SM-2-16 Transparent Switching Module is a transparent, electrically neutral, multiplexing/demultiplexing device that allows up to sixteen incoming lines to share (be directed to) up to two independent local loop simulator output channels, or two incoming lines to share (be directed to) up to sixteen independent local loop simulator output channels. The user may select one or two of the inputs (or outputs) out of sixteen, with the unselected paths being terminated with 100 ohms.

This powerful local loop simulator is plugged into our Model 458-3SLB (3-Slot) or 458-CC-16/458-CM (16 Slot) rack-mounted chassis where settings are controlled by RS-232, Ethernet or IEEE-488(GPIB). The modular design of Telebyte's products allows the 458-SM-2-16 to be combined with our other local loop simulator products for a wide variety of test configurations.

  • High Performance transparent solution designed to automate testing of ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, & VDSL2 chip/modem/DSLAMs
  • Bidirectional multiplexing and demultiplexing
  • Low Crosstalk
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Can be controlled remotely via RS-232, Ethernet or IEEE-488 (GPIB)
  • Plugs into our 458 Series (16-Slot) or 458-3SLB (3-Slot) chassis
  • One-Year Warranty/Calibration.


Telebyte Model 500 - DSL Field Noise Capture Solution


Telebyte Model 500
Telebyte Model 500

PDF Datasheet PDF Datasheet

Now you can capture live field noise and export it to a wide variety of formats. The DSL Field Noise Capture Solution is a portable high-performance system that records, displays, saves and analyzes samples of live noise for realistic Interoperability testing, circuit qualification, debugging of error conditions, lab design and more.

Bring live noise from the field back to the lab for injection into test loops. Prepare crosstalk and impulse files for export to the Model 4901 Multi-Output Noise Generator with this 30-MHz system, capable of transparently capturing ADSL2, ADSL2+ and VDSL2 noise. The MATLAB-based interface provides convenient options for range selection, sampling rate, capture length and more. The solution operates in three capture modes for control of recording of time.

The Solution also acts as a real-time, general purpose, portable data acquisition system. This convenient feature can be used during installation and maintenance or for spectrum monitoring and analysis to support documentation and reports on the field environment.


Main Features

  • Capture, analyze and monitor live noise/interference on a DSL line.
  • Solution includes:
    • Portable high-performance system with 1 capture port
    • 2 TB of storage (~1.7 TB useable)
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Nonintrusive differential probe
    • Automatic or manual control of recording
    • Concurrent visual feedback of recording time/free space remaining
  • 30-MHz solution suitable for ADSL2, ADSL2+ and VDSL2 lines
  • Troubleshoot real field conditions
  • Export to wide range of file types
    • Computation of live Crosstalk PSD
    • Computation of live Impulse noise, amplitude and burst statistics
    • Prepare for export to Model 4901
  • Real-time, general-purpose Spectrum Analyzer
  • View noise in time/frequency domain




Telebyte Model 700 Series - Multi-Standard/Multi-Channel Local Loop Simulators


Telebyte Model 700
Telebyte Model 700

PDF Datasheet PDF Datasheet

The Model 700 Series products are multi-standard/multi-channel local loop simulators and are the ideal solution for ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, and VDSL2 chip/modem/DSLAM testing. The highly accurate models in this series are offered in several different configurations, including combinations of wire types, in 8, 12 or 16-channels.

The 700 Series models offer fine granularity and long line lengths. They may be ordered with or without the ability to inject variable AWGN on the CO and/or CPE side of each loop.


Main Features

  • Multiple wire types to choose from:
    • 26 AWG PIC as specified in ANSI T1.417
    • (0 to 24,000 ft/25-ft steps) 0.4mm PE as specified in ETSI TS 101 388
    • (0 to 9,000 m/10-m steps)
    • TP100 as specified in ETSI TS 101 270-1 & G.992.5 Annex
    • M (0 to 9,000 m/10-m steps)
  • Bandwidth DC to 30 MHz
  • Solution for ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, & VDSL2 chip/modem/DSLAM testing
  • Highly accurate, lab grade unit with fine increments 
    for a variety of applications such as Bonding and Rate/Reach
  • Order with/without variable AWGN for CO and/or CPE side of each loop





Telebyte CFA-24 - Transparent Cable Farm Automation Switch


Telebyte CFA-24
Telebyte CFA-24

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The Model CFA-24 Transparent Cable Farm Automation Switch is a transparent, electrically neutral, switching device that allows up to twenty four incoming cable farm lines to be switched to five different loop segments. Use your own cable or purchase cable from Telebyte.

Operating in a frequency band up to 212 MHz, the CFA-24 is highly suited to lab-grade testing of nextgen devices where live crosstalk is required (e.g., VDSL2 Vectoring or performance testing). Telebyte's superior transparency delivers excellent crosstalk accuracy. Ideal for ID-337 Certification and TR-249 VDSL2 Vectoring testing.


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