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Ever wanted more Ethernet test equipment ports in your lab, or in your network test bed? That is the situation most network engineers are facing, even when the networking community for years been served by test equipment vendors such as Spirent, Ixia, and Agilent.

Many equipment vendors embark on their own in-house development of test systems, despite the availability of commercial test equipment, since it allows them to scale the capacity of their test infrastructure without exceeding the capital budget constraints they are facing. Xena is dedicated to the mission of delivering a new class of Ethernet test equipment, providing a better price performance point then any alternative in-house developed or existing commercial test solutions. This way, you as a customer, can keep your focus on what you do the best, and let Xena support you with a scalable, feature rich, and user friendly Ethernet test platform.

With 10 Gbps Ethernet on the rise, we expect a significant impact on the Gigabit Ethernet test equipment market. Many companies are facing an upgrade of their Ethernet test equipment, and Xena's test platforms can easily result in the saving of hundreds of thousands of $.


Our products allows you to scale not only the capacity of your traffic generation and analysis, but also the number of sites equipped with test equipment, such as smaller R&D labs, application and sales sites, and backbone network POPs.

Our philosophy for the Xena test platform is that it must offer a GUI which is intuitive and easy to use from day-one, powerful scripting capabilities from any tool environment, easy integration with any 3rd party provided test suites for e.g. VoIP and IP-TV testing, and a price performance point which allows you to build out your network test infrastructure far into the 100's of Gigabits capacity range.

Today, Xena is offering Ethernet test platforms with optical and electrical Ethernet interfaces from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, and we're working on a test platform with 100 Gbps Ethernet interfaces, scheduled for launch in 2010.


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dhs ELMEA tools is an exclusive distributor for Xena.

We offer pre and post sales support as well as educational and installation services for all Xena products.




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