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Xtramus Technologies was founded in Junghe City of Taipei County in 2001 by a group of professional engineers. Currently 60% of Xtramus' 50 employees are exclusively devoted to the researching and developing of Fast Ethernet Switch ASIC, Network Control SOC, Network Protocol Stack and its related Software, Network Testing Equipment, and other high value-added IC systems integration. Xtramus' targeted clients are LAN facilities for small and medium enterprises such as routers , Ethernet switches, IP-Sharing, Media Converter, Network Testing Equipment and the suppliers of IP DSLAM and ETTH devices.

  Xtramus is working on the integration of LAN and WAN to help clients build the system with efficiency, flexibility, and better performance to satisfy the market's strong needs of broadband networking. Xtramus provides SOC solution consulting service for total solution of high speed and efficient LAN transmission.

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dhs ELMEA tools is an authorised distributor for Xtramus.

We offer pre and post sales support as well as educational and installation services for all Xtramus products.




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